Upload an Avolites Titan Showfile (d4z) to display patch information and export legends

Terms of use
Any feedback to s-beutel@gmx.de is appreciated.
Update 20 sept. 2011: workaround strange UTF/ISO behavior - give me a shout if you encounter problems
Update 24 july 2012: first version for Titan v6.
Update 19 aug. 2012: parse and delete (captcha_secured) stored files
Update 12 oct. 2012: prepared for version 6.1 (separate fixture file); optionally sort by DMX (version 6 only)
Update 18 oct. 2014: while the consoles can now create proper reports, this tool can also display and download your precious legends.
Update 17 sept. 2017: adjusted for version 10.1 (patch list only available for older versions - use Titan's Reports now.)
Update 17 july 2018: added option to show setlist track ids.
Yet to do: export images. At the moment, only quicksketch legends are exported.