My personal Avolites Personality workbench

This is just a collection of manuals and Avolites personalities which I assembled over the last years. Personalities have been newly created or adjusted, the manuals are for reference.

Most up-to-date manuals shall always be available through the respective manufacturer, most up-to-date personalities through the Avolites Personality-website. However, here is my toolbox, just for reference - maybe it helps someone. I do not accept any liability.

In case of questions, please write to Sebastian Beutel

Tools and Howtos

Manuals and Personalities

Manufacturer Model Date Manual Titan Perso .R20 (for Vis) .VIS Remarks
JB Lighting Varyscan P4 07/13/2015 DMX-Chart JB Lighting_Varyscan P4.d4
Unknown 36 pcs 3w Moving Head 07/13/2015 Title DMX-Chart Unknown_36x3W Moving Head.d4
teclumen Stage Color 18 fc 06/13/2015 Manual
Omarte UFO-6 06/20/2015 DMX-Chart Omarte_UFO-6.d4
Omarte Robot 06/20/2015 DMX-Chart Omarte_Robot.d4
Stairville Outdoor StagePAR 12x8 QCL 06/29/2015 Manual
Expolite Tourled Power 28 CM+W 05/09/2015 Manual
Futurelight PLB-230 05/01/2015 Manual
Eurolite LED KLS-2001 06/29/2015 Manual
Varytec LED Giga Bar 4 MKII 06/05/2015 Manual
Gele GL 1200 YX 05/02/2015 DMX-Chart Gele_GL-1200YX.d4
Unknown VS Pro LED Spot 03/25/2015 DMX-Chart Unknown_VSPro LED SPOT.d4 UKVSSPOT.R20
Varytec Trident R10 05/09/2015 Manual
Expolite Tourled 42 RGBW 05/28/2015 Manual (alte Version)
evolite Moving Wash 19x12 04/28/2015 Manual evolite_Moving Wash 19x12Z.d4
Elcotec FL 2R 120W 06/20/2015 Manual (Standard)
Manual (No Limit)
Elcotec_FL 2R 120W.d4
Sagitter Slimbar 16 DL RGBWA 07/07/2015 Manual Sagitter_Slimbar 16DL.d4
Weinas Beam 200 07/06/2015 DMX-Chart Weinas_Beam 200.d4
Lightmaxx Shaft 5R 01/16/2015 Manual Lightmaxx_Shaft 5R.d4 for AHI Festsaal
Unknown Lightmaxx Complete Par 56 RGBAWUV 01/14/2015 Manual Lightmaxx_Complete Par 56 RGBAWUV.d4 for M. Malter
Unknown ST-Light 60W Gobo LED Moving Head 08/12/2014 DMX-Chart Unknown_ST Light 60W Gobo LED.d4 for M. Suter
Unknown ST-Light 360W LED 08/12/2014 DMX-Chart Unknown_ST Light 360W LED.d4 for M. Suter
LedID LED Bar 09/24/2014 DMX-Chart LedID_Led Bar.d4 for J. Olsen
Highend System Intellaspot XT-1 11/02/2011 Manual High End_Intellaspot XT-1.d4 41ch
Futurelight PHS-220 08/15/2012 Future Light_PHS-220.d4 16bit 11ch 16bit 11ch
GLP Patend Light 575 HMI 03/14/2012 Manual, DMX-Chart
GLP Patend Light 1200/575 Basic 03/14/2012 Manual, DMX-Chart
Unknown Beam 15R 300W 10/02/2014 Unknown_Beam 15R 300W.d4 for D. Sollmann
GLP Ypoc 250 11/07/2014 DMX-Chart, DMX-Chart (Pro) GLP_YPOC 250.d4 Locate/Power On Speed 100%
Robe Robin 600 LEDWash 05/14/2012 DMX-Chart Mode 1 37ch Mode 1 37ch
Unknown LED Wash Mover 02/15/2012 DMX-Chart Unknown_Led Wash Mover.d4 Standard 12ch "LEDMOVER V-3030", for Rob Santilli
Chauvet Q-Wash 419Z 12/06/2014 Chauvet_Q-Wash 419Z-LED.d4 Mode 1 10ch, Mode 2 21ch Mode 1 10ch, Mode 2 21ch
SGM Idea Moving LED 100 09/10/2014 SGM_Idea Moving LED 100.d4 16bit 13ch 16bit 13ch
Involight LED Bar 400 05/08/2012 Manual
Unknown Litecraft LED-Blinder 36-4 10/21/2011 Manual Unknown_Litecraft LED Blinder 36-4.d4
Kinetic LED System Orbis Fly 10/13/2014 DMX-Chart
GLP Mini Patend Light 11/05/2012 GLP_ Mini Patened.d4 No Movement added
American Pro Neo 450 07/21/2011 16bit 18ch 16bit 18ch
Martin Mac 101 WRM 12/06/2014 Martin_Mac 101 WRM.d4 7ch 7ch
E-Lite Servo Color 250 03/28/2014 E-Lite_Servo Color 250.d4 16bit 16ch, 8bit 14ch 16bit 16ch, 8bit 14ch
Pearl River Pilot 1200 Wash 04/19/2012 Manual Pearl River_Pilot 1200 Wash.d4 16bit 14ch, 8bit 11ch 16bit 14ch, 8bit 11ch
Pearl River XL 1200 04/19/2012 Manual Pearl River_XL 1200.d4 Ext 37ch Ext 37ch
Core Cougar 12Z 04/27/2014 Manual
Core Cougar 19Z 04/27/2014 Manual Unknown_Core Cougar 19Z.d4 Standard 14ch, Extended 15ch Standard 14ch, Extended 15ch
Eurolite NSF-350 LED Hybrid Spray Fogger 04/25/2014 Manual Eurolite_LED Hybrid Fogger.d4
Cameo LED Moving Head 60W 05/13/2014 Cameo_LED Moving Head 60W.d4 changed channels for 13ch mode
Eurolite LED LED STP-10 04/20/2014 Eurolite_LED STP-10 10x3W.d4
Eurolite LED LED TMH-30 03/25/2014 Eurolite_LED TMH 30.d4 16bit 14ch 16bit 14ch
Involight MH250S LED 05/08/2014 Manual Involight_MH250S LED.d4
Involight MH250W 11/02/2012 Manual Involight_MH 250W.d4
Expolite TourLED 37 Pro Zoom 02/11/2014 Manual Expolite_TourLED 37 Pro Zoom.d4 Arc1 3ch, Ar1+D 4ch, Arc2 4ch, Ar2.D 5ch, HSV 3ch, Tour 10ch Arc1 3ch, Ar1+D 4ch, Arc2 4ch, Ar2.D 5ch, HSV 3ch, Tour 10ch
Expolite Tourwash Mini 48CM+W 02/02/2014 Manual Expolite_Tourwash Mini 48CM+W.d4
Futurelight Color Wave 04/12/2014 DMX-Chart Future Light_Color Wave.d4 by Nic Morris
Futurelight Wave LED 03/22/2014 DMX-Chart Future Light_WAVE.d4 (Nic Morris, Marcel Lippold)
Future Light_Wave LED.d4 (Sebastian Beutel)
by Nic Morris
Futurelight PHS 250 01/25/2014 Future Light_PHS 250 v2.3.1.d4 by J. Maebert
Stairville HL-x18 QCL 12/26/2013 DMX-Chart Stairville_HL-X18.d4
Stairville MH 100 Beam 03/07/2014 Manual Stairville_MH-100 Beam.d4 Standard 9ch Extended 14ch Standard 9ch Extended 14ch
Lightmaxx Tour Pix Pro 02/14/2014 Manual Lightmaxx_Tour Pix Pro 16xRGBW.d4
Lightmaxx CLS 1 06/01/2012 Manual Lightmaxx_CLS1.d4
img Stage Line Wash 40 LED 02/01/2014 Manual img Stage Line_Wash 40 LED.d4
Expolite TourLED Power 28CM 08/31/2014 Manual Expolite_TourLED Power 28CM.d4 Arc1 3ch, Arc2 4ch, HSV 3ch, Ar1+D 4ch, Ar2+D 5ch, Ar2.s 6ch, Tour 10ch Arc1 3ch, Arc2 4ch, HSV 3ch, Ar1+D 4ch, Ar2+D 5ch, Ar2.s 6ch, Tour 10ch Classic-Package
LedID 7x12W Quad LED Moving Beam 11/23/2014 Manual LedID_Moving head Beam.d4
Lightmaxx LED Bar (AHI) 02/13/2014 Unknown_Lightmax AHI Bar.d4 created on the fly, no further information
Expolite Tourwash Compact 76 11/24/2013 Manual
Stairville CB-100 LED Color Beam 09/03/2013 Manual Stairville_CB100.d4 Standard 4ch Standard 4ch
Showtec Genesis 12 10/12/2012 Manual Showtec_Genesis 12.d4 by BasVal - Color Coversion Table
Eurolite LED Scan TSL-300 09/27/2013 DMX-Chart Eurolite_LED Scan TSL-300.d4 Standard 6ch Standard 6ch
Ledj Slimline 9Q8 12/10/2012 Manual LedJ_Slimline 9Q8.d4
Highend Technospot 02/14/2012 Manual High End_Technospot.d4 various fixes and attempts for a Diamond II
Ehrgeiz Cobalt Plus Beam 5R 01/31/2013 Manual (de) Manual (fr) Ehrgeiz_Cobalt Plus Beam 5R.d4 8bit 13ch 16bit 15ch 8bit 13ch 16bit 15ch
Varytec Easymove XS 12/27/2012 Manual Varytec_EasyMove XS Wash.d4 8bit 5ch 16bit 12ch 8bit 5ch 16bit 12ch
Showtec Genesis 3 10/16/2013 Manual
Showtec Genesis 6 10/16/2012 Manual
Futurelight AS-200 07/01/2013 Manual Future Light_AS 200.d4 8bit 8ch 8bit 8ch
Showlite BL-3096 Audience Blinder 12/26/2012 Manual Showlite_Audience Blinder.d4 8bit 14ch 8bit 14ch
Unknown AHI Movinghead 09/05/2013 AHI_MovingHead 2.d4 created on the fly, no further information
Expolite ELP 80 Powerstick 10/06/2013 Manual Expolite_ELP 80 Powerstick.d4 unlike the Avo original, this one has proper cells
Eurolite LED Par 56 RGB 11/10/2012 RGB 6ch RGB 6ch
BeamZ MH108 Wash 11/11/2012 Manual Unknown_MH LED 108W.d4 5ch, 12ch 5ch, 12ch
Unknown MH LED 60D 03/24/2013 DMX-Chart 16bit 14ch 16bit 14ch
Oxo Colorbeam 14 06/27/2013 OXO_Colorbeam 14.d4 Mode4 8ch
Robe Wash 250 XT 10/07/2014 DMX-Chart
Unknown LED Beam Head 08/03/2014 DMX-Chart Unknown_Led Beam Head.d4
Showtec Expression 33000 09/08/2014 DMX-Chart
Showlite ML324F 03/30/2013 Showlite_ML324F.d4, Showlight_324F.d4
Showtec PAR 64 Short Q4-18 04/10/2013 Manual
Unknown Maebert RGBW China 03/23/2013 DMX-Chart Maebert_RGBW China.d4 by J. Maebert
ADB Enizoom P/T 07/04/2012 ADB_Enizoom PT.d4
Stairville Novaspot 250 05/13/2011 Manual Stairville_Novaspot 250.d4 16ch, 22ch 16ch, 22ch color combinations by J. Auerbach
Clay Paky Miniscan 05/08/2012 Manual ClayPaky_miniscan.d4
Coemar Pro Spot 250 LX 08/26/2011 Coemar_Pro Spot 250 LX.d4 16ch 16ch
Futurelight DJ-Scan 250 01/08/2012 Manual Futurelight_DJ-Scan 250.d4 8bit 6ch 8bit 6ch
Futurelight Eye 36 MKII 07/21/2012 Manual Futurelight_Eye36 MKII.d4 Standard 12ch Standard 12ch
Ehrgeiz Cobalt Plus Spot 5R 04/02/2012 Manual Ehrgeiz_Cobalt Plus Spot 5R.d4
SGM Idea Spot 250 07/21/2011 DMX-Chart SGM_Idea Spot 250.d4 16bit 14ch 16bit 14ch
Stairville MH-360 08/28/2011 Manual Stairville_MH-360.d4 Standard 13ch Standard 13ch
Unknown M1200A 11/24/2011 DMX-Chart Unknown_M1200a.d4 Standard 24ch sohailmasuri
Surepro SP-M184 LED Moving Head 07/22/2011 DMX-Chart, Overview SurePro_SPM184.d4 Standard 7ch Standard 7ch
Stairville SC-X 50 06/12/2012 Manual
MilTec LED Head 324w 03/13/2012 MilTec_LED Head 324W.d4
Unknown Space Gun 250 01/06/2012 Manual Unknown_Spacegun 250.d4 Standard 8ch Standard 8ch
American DJ Mega Bar LED 01/08/2012 Manual American DJ_Mega Bar LED.d4 11ch 11ch
Expolite Tourwash 91 07/21/2012 Manual Expolite_TourWash 91.d4 Advanced 15ch, Basic 12ch, RGBWA G1 15ch Advanced 15ch, Basic 12ch, RGBWA G1 15ch
Martin Mac Aura 08/27/2012 Martin_MAC Aura.d4 Linked all modes to 14ch R20 perso for Visualiser
GLP Volkslicht 03/16/2012 Manual
Teclumen Fusion color 18 FC rgbw 06/16/2012 Manual
Showtec Phantom 575 Basic EB v2 04/26/2012 Manual Showtec_Phantom 575 Basic.d4
Showtec Phantom 25 LED Spot 07/22/2012 Manual Showtec_Phantom 25 LED Spot.d4 11ch, 6ch 11ch, 6ch
Showtec Ignitor 6 LED Strobe 06/12/2012 Manual Showtec_Ignitor 6.d4
Ignition PAR 56 SHORT FLOOR 15X3W 06/12/2012 Manual Mode 5 6ch Mode 5 6ch
Robe Scan 575 XT 08/28/2011 Robe_Scan 575XT.D4 dup.Refs removed, PaletteRefs corrected
JB Lighting Varycolor P6 08/28/2011 JB Lighting_Varycolor 6.d4 PeralRef fixed, Palettes added
Teclumen Stage Color 18 FC 06/16/2012 Manual
Chauvet Q-Spot 300 06/29/2012 Manual Chauvet_Q-Spot300.d4 speed range, speed locate, control range
ETC Selador D60 11/10/2011 Manual ETC_Desire.d4 Direct 10ch
Eurolite TMH-4 Wash 36x1W 05/31/2011 Manual
Unknown Up Lighting UP 3618 09/10/2014 DMX-Chart Unknown_Up Lighting UP 3618.d4 Mode 1 15ch, Mode 2 18ch Mode 1 15ch, Mode 2 18ch for Raul Baintan
Unknown Up Lighting Beam 230 09/10/2014 UP-LIGHTING_Beam 230.d4 16bit 18ch 16bit 18ch for Raul Baintan
Unknown Chinese Mac 101 Copy 09/12/2014 Martin_Mac 101.d4 for J. Schmitz - Mac 101 with added mode 'China'
Showtec LED Par 18x3W RGB 05/30/2012 DMX-Chart Showtec_Led Par 18x3Watt RGB.d4 8bit 7ch 8bit 7ch
Megalite Halo 5R 06/26/2012 Manual, DMX-Chart Mega Lite_Halo 5r.d4
Unknown Nightsun JED Sharpy 7R 10/17/2014 DMX-Chart Unknown_JED Sharpy 7R.d4 Standard 16ch Standard 16ch for M. Kern
Elation Platinum Profile LED 12/04/2014 Manual Elation_Platinum Profile LED.d4
Involight Tri LED Par 64 04/26/2012 Manual Involight_Tri Led Par 64.d4 Standard 5ch Standard 5ch
Showtec Phantom 250 CMy Wash 05/03/2012 Manual
Showtec Explorer 575 Spot 11/22/2012 Showtec_Explorer 575 Spot.d4 corrected P/T, Prism, Shutter, Hilight
Showtec Galactic RVP250 09/18/2012 Showtec_Galactic RVP250.d4
Ehrgeiz X-Spot 5R 04/02/2012 Manual
Unknown Yoline Laser YO-LS301 06/01/2012 DMX-Chart Yoline_YO-LS301.d4 for J. Maebert
Expolite TourLED 21 CM MKII 05/22/2013 Manual
Martin Mac 300 04/25/2012 Manual
Expolite TourLED 42 CM 05/03/2011 Manual Expolite_Tourled 42 CM.d4
Eurolite LED Bar 324/10 10/27/2011 Manual Eurolite_Led Bar 324-10 RGB.d4