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Midi To Web

Please vote for the integration of USB-MIDI in the consoles here: 
This would be the proper solution. And in the meantime you might consider MidiToWeb.

MidiToWeb is a little program which converts MIDI messages - from class-compliant USB-MIDI-devices - to http-requests which allow to control a Titan installation. As this requires the WebAPI running it does not work with Titan One. Also it doesn't work with stand-alone Titan consoles since the required MIDI drivers are not installed. However it is a useful addendum for Titan Mobiles, and can be used on a separate computer which is networked to your Titan console.

MidiToWeb has been developed with Titan v11.0  It may - or may not - work with Titan v10, but you may be required to change the requests which are being sent to Titan.

MidiToWeb comes as installer - which sets all the links and shortcuts for you - and as a zip-only package which simply needs to be unpacked and the program started. And since it's released open source under the New BSD licence the sources are also available - maybe a starting point for your next arduino project?

Additionally, in order to find out Titan IDs and locations in your show, there is a little html page available which shows all this (if Titan Mobile or Titan Simulator is currently running on your computer): gettitanids.htm.

MidiToWeb was released in June 2018, the current version is 0.9. However, as Titan IDs has been updated on 11.04.2020 the current version is named 0.9a


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