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Media Servers

Strictly, Media Servers are hardware and software to manipulate and run media (audio, video, still images) which can be remote controlled by lighting consoles. But then, the Media Servers listed here are usually controlled like any other intelligent fixture via DMX/Art-Net/sACN: you patch them and set their attributes. Hence, this is only a list of media servers and media control software which are available to standard control mechanisms. Most of those have various control inputs, i.e. react to Art-Net, MIDI and timecode. Details are available in the respective manual. If I know some things about a system then there are some remarks. If there are no remarks then I have nothing to say about the system - and if a system is not listed here then I simply don't know it. Nothing else.

Name Manufacturer Remarks
Ai Avolites since Titan v12 closely integrated via Synergy.
can be controlled by DMX, Art-Net, MIDI and some network protocols
transmits thumbnails via CITP
ArKaos Mediamaster Pro ArKaos only the pro series does Art-Net, CITP etc.
Artnet Emu Jesper Hermandsen An Art-Net listener for controlling Winamp, VLC media player and iTunes for Windows
Catalyst Developed by High End Systems
aquired by Barco
now most info available at SNP Productions Ltd.
As far as I know Catalyst still doesn't CITP and has only limited means of control - but has other strengths.
Disguise Disguise formerly known as d3 technologies. Very versatile highend media server
Hippotizer Green Hippo does also CITP thumbnails
Katrin Media Server Alexander Logvinov free-of-cost media server with Art-Net control for Mac
KluitNET - ArtNet for PowerPoint very simple yet effective Art-Net plugin for PowerPoint
Madrix Inoage very popular in clubs. Very strong in pixelmapping. Can do lots of protocols.
Maxedia Martin Discontinued. One of the first popular media servers.
Mbox PRG Sorry, I cannot say anything about it. Seen it on big events already.
MX Wendler MX Wendler focused on architectional use, strong focus on timeline
Pandoras Box Coolux by Christie very professional media server with mighty editing capabilities, There are personalities for it and it can do CITP but as the DMX functionality can be changed by the user, personalities are of limited use.
Picturall Picturall by Analog Way I cannot say anything about it
Pixera AV Stumpfl sorry, still new to me, but definitely a highend system
Resolume Avenue/Arena Resolume very popular in clubs but also used for big events and installations. Only Arena can be DMX-controlled.
As now Art-Net control can - and must be - freely assigned, Charlotte Gowers made a guide on how to control Resolume Arena. See
Screen Monkey Screen Monkey affordable, very versatile solution. Popular in houses of worship but also in clubs and exhibitions. Can also be used to trigger Powerpoint etc.
TouchDesigner Derivative extremely versatile software to create contents. I was completely flashed when I saw the parametric editing approach a few years ago…
vvvv vvvv group multi-purpose toolkit which can be used for almost everything - but be warned, it has a steep learning curve. You need to build everything yourself in vvvv's node-based engine. There is no pre-made personality - you can make it listen to Art-Net and then build a personality as required.

As mentioned above: this list does not claim to be complete and is only here to list examples of software which is usually controlled via Art-Net or sACN. If you want another product listed then please let me know. But bear in mind: this is not an ad platform.

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