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MMC - MIDI Machine Control

(inspired by macros submitted by Oliver Waits, December 2019)

From Wikipedia:

MIDI Machine Control, or MMC, a subset of the MIDI specification, provides specific commands for controlling recording equipment such as multi-track recorders. MMC messages can be sent along a standard MIDI cable for remote control of such functions as Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop, Pause, and Record. These are “System Exclusive” (SysEx) messages, specifically Real Time Universal SysEx messages.

For our scenario this can be used to control devices and software which cannot be controlled by DMX/ArtNet/sACN: simply issue adequate MIDI commands and make sure they are conveyed to the device.

I did not find any overview of which software or device supports MMC commands. Interestingly even Reaper (see Software List) supports MMC even though it is nowhere documented.

In order to send MIDI from Titan you need to use macros. A good working example is available here: MIDI Machine Control. Additionally you need to bring these commands to the target device or software - by MIDI cable, by network (rtpMidi), or by USB. Please note that USB and network are only supported from Titan v13 on (nominally USB/network is supported in v12 but does work only to receive, not to send MIDI).

Example: controlling Reaper from Titan on the same PC:

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