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MTC - MIDI timecode

From Wikipedia:

MIDI time code (MTC) embeds the same timing information as standard SMPTE timecode as a series of small 'quarter-frame' MIDI messages. There is no provision for the user bits in the standard MIDI time code messages, and SysEx messages are used to carry this information instead. … MTC allows the synchronisation of a sequencer or DAW with other devices that can synchronise to MTC…

This can be used to sync Titan cuelists to external devices generating MIDI timecode. While LTC/SMPTE timecode is the 'more professional' thing, MIDI timecode is available on all Titan consoles with MIDI input (i.e. everything apart from the T1).

There are also devices to convert between MIDI timecode and SMPTE/LTC, the most popular being the MIF-4 - see converters.

In order to send MTC from other software/devices into Titan you need to connect both with each other - by MIDI cable, by network (rtpMidi), or by USB. Please note that USB and network are only supported from Titan v12 on.

Example: Sending Timecode from Reaper to Titan on the same PC

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