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External Control

This section is about both, controlling Titan from external sources, and controlling external programs with Titan. Some parts of this are mentioned in the manual up to a certain extent. Here, you'll find some examples as well as the important base knowledge.

By its nature, Titan is meant to remotecontrol devices as DMX, Art-Net and sACN are means to control, and any lighting fixture is a device which hopefully is controlled. Thus, this section is for anything that goes beyond this basic functionality.

Item Description
Media Servers Hard-/Software to run media which is usually controlled by DMX/Art-Net/sACN
Software List list of software used to control/be controlled (not Media Servers ;-))
SMPTE Timecode also known as linear timecode (LTC)
Winamp a semi-integrated simple audio player
Reaper CSV Import a website which feeds a Reaper markerlist csv to cuelist timestamps
The Titan WebAPI the http interface of Titan
Trigger basic remote control
MIDI short introduction in Titan's MIDI capabilities
MIDI Notes and CC standard MIDI triggers
MIDI Feedback send the current state back to the controlling device
MTC - MIDI timecode MIDI Timecode
MMC - MIDI Machine Control subset of MIDI commands for transport control
MSC - MIDI Show Control subset of MIDI commands for show control

Most importantly there are some examples in the Examples section.

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