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Within Titan, Trigger is the general concept of having an external signal firing a specific action in Titan. This is rather well documented in the Titan Usermanual.

  1. connect the trigger source
  2. Enter System mode and select [Triggers].
  3. Add a new mapping using the + button at the bottom of the left hand column, and give it a name.
  4. Add a trigger to the mapping using the + button in the right hand column or softkey [Add trigger]
  5. Set Trigger Type and - if Trigger Type=Item - the trigger action
  6. Press a button, move a fader - whichever action you want to be triggered.
  7. Click [OK]
  8. Select the Trigger Type (this time this term refres to the source), and either enter the parameters manually or use the learn function: make your trigger source fire the signal which is supposed to trigger the action - Titan should recognize the signal and automatically set the correct values.
  9. Click [Add]. The trigger you have just defined is added to the list on the right.

Trigger Sources

In general, Titan can handle these trigger sources:

  • DMX - by using one of the DMX outlets as input, with a male-male gender changer
  • GPIO - simple contacts
  • MIDI - 5pin MIDI input or (from Titan v12 on) USB-MIDI
  • Streaming ACN, or sACN - like DMX, over network
  • Audio - with appropriate hardware the audio signal is analysed into 7 frequencey bands with each can be used to trigger an action

Based on the very hardware only a limited subset of trigger methods is possible:

(Titan v12 and up)
sACN Remarks
Titan One x x If used as DMX input, a separate output device is necessary, e.g. an Artnet node
T1 x x If used as DMX input, a separate output device is necessary, e.g. an Artnet node
T2 x x x x Can also be used as audio input for other Titan consoles (not Titan One/T1).
Tiger Touch (non-pro)
Pearl Expert (non-pro)
x x x
Titan Mobile x x x x Audio trigger available with T2 from Titan v12
Quartz x x x x x
Tiger Touch Pro
Pearl Expert Pro
x x x x Audio trigger available with T2 from Titan v12
Tiger Touch II x x (1 jack input) x x x Audio trigger available with T2 from Titan v12
Arena x x x (1 jack input) x x x
Sapphire Touch x x x x Audio trigger available with T2 from Titan v12

Trigger Mappings

Trigger mappings can be regarded as collections of triggers. You can define a number of mappings, and you can enable/disable each mapping as needed. (See Trigger - Toggle Trigger Mappings v10/v11 for an example of how to do this by macro). There are some mappings provided by default which cannot be deleted.

Trigger Type/Action

Can be either Hardware (default) or Item.

  • Hardware refers to the very control element, i.e. fader, button, hardware key - regardless of what is programmed on it. This also takes the respective key profile into account which may lead to strange results. I.e. when triggering a playback button (with the default key pofile 'Latch') this results in toggling the playback On/Off as the trigger signal changes.
    Hardware triggers can also be defined for some (not all) control buttons, e.g. Connect, Go, Clear, Page Up/Page Down.
  • Item refers to what is programmed on that control, i.e. cue, cuelist, chaser etc. Subsequently the action which needs to be triggered needs to be defined as well:
    • Fire At Level
    • Re-Fire At Level
    • Flash
    • Go (only available for Cuelists)
    • Stop (only available for Cuelists)
    • Swop
    • Connect (only available for Cuelists)
    • Review Live Cue (only available for Cuelists)
    • Cut Next Cue To Live (only available for Cuelists)
    • Snap Back (only available for Cuelists)
    • Go Back (only available for Cuelists)
    • Next Cue - (only available for Cuelists)
    • Next Cue + (only available for Cuelists)
    • Preload
    • Latch
    • Set Level

Trigger Type (Source)

This select is also named 'Trigger Type' but refers to the trigger source. Each source has specific parameters, and if 'Learn' is set to On Titan tries to find the parameters from the latest incoming signal itself.

Trigger Type (Source) Parameters
Command [Note, ControlChange, Program Change etc.]
Value (not for Program Change)
Min. Level
Streaming ACN Universe
Audio Band

Known issues

Currently (v12/v13) there are some caveats with triggers - maybe they will be rectified in the future.

  • triggers cannot be transferred across shows
  • triggers are specific to the hardware they were defined with
  • you cannot trigger masters
  • you cannot trigger macros
  • you cannot trigger wheels and some command buttons
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