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Chase - Set chase speed

by: Kim Wida, February 2018
description: set some chases' speed


affected properties


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <macro id="Change_06_Speed">
    <name>0.6 sec</name>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback", handle:"chaseHandleUN=17589")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.Times.PlaybackSpeed", 100.0)</step>
      <!-- add some more chase playbacks here -->
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback", handle:"chaseHandleUN=19159")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.Times.PlaybackSpeed", 100.0)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetSourceHandleFromHandle("chaseHandleUN=1049")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Handles.PendingLegend", "Speed 200%")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetLegend()</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.ClearSelection()</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

  • ActionScript.SetProperty(“Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback”, handle:“chaseHandleUN=17589”) selects distinct chase playbacks identified by their user number
  • ActionScript.SetProperty(“Playbacks.Editor.Times.PlaybackSpeed”, 100.0) sets a certain speed for the selected chase. It seems that the actual speed is calculated on a basis of 3,600 BPM: setting the chase speed property to 100 effectively sets it to 100 BPM = 0.6s, setting a chase speed to 50 sets it to 50 BPM = 1.2s.
  • Handles.SetSourceHandleFromHandle(“chaseHandleUN=1049”) selects another playback to set its legend
  • ActionScript.SetProperty(“Handles.PendingLegend”, “Speed 200%”) sets this handle's legend as indicator for the current setting

Remarks by Gregory in the forum:

You may wish to consider using the Playbacks.Editor.Times.ChaseSpeedMultiplier property as this allows you to double (2) or half (0.5) the speed of whatever the BPM is set to. This means that if you had some chases that you wanted by default to run faster or slower you could set the BPM accordingly and then set the multiplier to double or half the speed.

How to use it

  1. maybe create some macros with various speed settings
  2. make sure your chases have the correct user numbers
  3. fire the macros to set specific speeds
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