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Set Playback's Shape Spread

by: Florian Engelmohr
published: January 2019
description: change some playback's shape spread

This is work in progress and may need some improvements.

See for the problem and the current solution.


affected properties

A longer file, with entries for more playbacks, is available here: fx-move-spread-1.xml. Know that this is not running flawlessly - see for details.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <macro id="FX.Move.Spread.1" name="FX Move Spread 1">
  <description>set effect spread to 1</description>
      <step>ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Programmer.BlindActive", true)</step>
      <step>Programmer.SetBlindMode(false, 0)</step>
<!-- Spot -->
      <step>Playbacks.MergePlaybackCue("Location=PlaybackWindow,1,1", true)</step>
      <step>Programmer.Editor.Clear(128, true, false, 0)</step>
      <step>Playbacks.MergePlaybackCue("Location=PlaybackWindow,1,2", true)</step>
      <step>Programmer.Editor.Clear(128, true, false, 0)</step>
      <!-- add steps for other playbacks here... -->
      <step>ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Programmer.BlindActive", false)</step>
      <step>Programmer.SetBlindMode(false, 0)</step>
<!-- Add macros for different spreads here... -->  


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

The whole workload is done in blind mode, thus the first and last two steps enter and exit blind mode, as outlined in Blind Mode On/Off. Once in blind mode, the playback is included, the shape spread set, and the programmer merged into the playback:

  • Include.SelectPlaybackHandle(“Location=PlaybackWindow,1,1”) includes a playback selected by its location
  • ActionScript.SetProperty.Integer('Editor.Shapes.Spread',1) sets the spread value (here: 1)
  • Playbacks.MergePlaybackCue(“Location=PlaybackWindow,1,1”, true) merges the programmer back into the playback
  • Programmer.Editor.Clear(128, true, false, 0) clears the programmer using a mask (128 is the FX attribte bank)

How to use it

  • stick to a scheme of always using particular playback handles, as only these handles will be affected by this macro
  • call the macro to quickly set a shape spread
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