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   * the align command is called   * the align command is called
-===== How to use it =====+As mentioned in the forum, currently the AlignMask canot be set:
-  - [[:​macros:​deploying|make this macro available]]+>It works. But I don't know how to set align mask. 
 +><​code xml> 
 +<step pause="​0.01">​ActionScript.SetProperty.SetFlag("​Attribute.Mask.Align.Value","​C"​)</​step>​ 
 +<step pause="​0.01">​ActionScript.SetProperty.String("​Attribute.Mask.Align.Value","​C"​)</​step>​ 
 +<step pause="​0.01">​ActionScript.SetProperty("​Attribute.Mask.Align.Value","​C"​)</​step>​ 
 +>They don't work.
 +===== How to use it =====
 +  - [[:​macros:​deploying|make this macro available]]
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