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 Example Example
-====== Masters - BPM Master ======+====== Masters - BPM Master ​(snippet) ​======
 ^ by: | Alex del Bondio | ^ by: | Alex del Bondio |
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     <​step>​Masters.TapTempo(1607,​ Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</​step>​     <​step>​Masters.TapTempo(1607,​ Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</​step>​
-Set to 85bpm+Set to 85bpm (if the BPM Master on the console is set to multiplier on fader this macro will change the multiplier)
     <​step>​Masters.SetSpeed(1612,​ 85.000)</​step>​     <​step>​Masters.SetSpeed(1612,​ 85.000)</​step>​
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