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Playback - Fire and Flash playbacks together

by: Sebastian Beutel, April 2020
published: here
description: Fires one playback, flashes another one, unflashes the flashed one when the macro is let go
remarks: Intention: temporarily flash some fixtures, at the same time set the background for more fixtures, and when this macro is being released the flashed fixtures return to the new background. See


control structures


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	flashes (and unflashes) one playback and fires another at the same time 	
  <macro id="wiki.Macros.combined.1" name="fire 900, flash 901">
    <description>Fires PB 900, Flashes PB 901</description>
      <step>Playbacks.FirePlaybackAtLevel(userNumber:900, level:1, true)</step>
  <macro id="wiki.Macros.combined.2" name="fire 900, flash 902">
    <description>Fires PB 900, Flashes PB 902</description>
      <step>Playbacks.FirePlaybackAtLevel(userNumber:900, level:1, true)</step>
  <macro id="wiki.Macros.combined.3" name="fire 900, flash 903">
    <description>Fires PB 900, Flashes PB 903</description>
      <step>Playbacks.FirePlaybackAtLevel(userNumber:900, level:1, true)</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

Each of these macros, when fired, fires playback with usernumber 900 at 100% using Playbacks.FirePlaybackAtLevel(…). Additionally, one of the playbacks 901, 902 or 903 are flashed – and are unflashed when the macro button is being let go.

How to use it

  1. make this macro available - in this example move the macros to one of the executor buttons
    You need to MOVE the macros as COPY would strip the start and end tags and would render the macros useless.
  2. create a base look, e.g. with all your fixtures in blue
  3. create some flash-strobe bump playbacks, for some fixture groups. Each sets one group to white and strobe. Set these playbacks to flash (via key profiles), release mask to include I and C, user numbers 901, 902 or 903
  4. create a target look which you want your fixtures to assume as soon as any bump is fired, e.g. red. Store this as playback, give it the user number 900.
  5. To use it: fire the base look. Then fire the bump macros - any number, any order. Various fixture groups will flash white and then release to the new red background look.
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