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Masters - Group Masters

by: Alex del Bondio
published: October 2017
description: Groupmaster control for Groups in the Fixtures and Playbacks workspace

Useful for groups which you don't change that often, which you dont give a real fader and rather use some buttons for just up/down.


affected properties

There is a file available which has these macros already prepared for groups on preset buttons 1~10: adb_groupmaster.xml.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--> Examples for handle 1 in the Fixtures and Playbacks workspace <-->
  <macro id="user.macros.GroupMaster1FF" name="Group Master 1 @FF">
      <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, level:1, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step>
  <macro id="user.macros.GroupMaster1-50" name="Group Master 1 @50%">
      <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, level:0.5, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step>
  <macro id="user.macros.GroupMaster1zero" name="Group Master 1 @0">
      <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, level:0, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step>
  <macro id="user.macros.GroupMaster1plus" name="Group Master 1 +10%">
      <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, levelDelta:0.1, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step>
  <macro id="user.macros.GroupMaster1minus" name="Group Master 1 -10%">
      <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, levelDelta:-0.1, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

Group.SetGroupFaderLevel does exactly that: sets a group master to a designated - absolute or relative - level. For more details see Group.SetGroupFaderLevel.

How to use it

  1. create some groups, and copy them to buttons 1~10 in the Fixtures and Playbacks window (this is another window than the Fixtures window! You get it via [Open Workspace Window] [Fixtures and Playbacks]).
  2. now, with the macros mapped to buttons, you can control the 'virtual group faders'
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