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Palette - Set Master Overlap

by: in factory macros
description: sets palette master overlap
remarks: listed here as example for active binding


affected properties



This is part of the factory macros. Palette Master Overlap and Palette Master Fade Times macros have been extracted and put in this file: macro_overlap.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.PaletteOverlap50">
    <name>Palette Overlap 50%</name>
    <description>Set master palettes overlap to 50%.</description>
    <active binding="{propertyLink id='Palette.MasterOverlap' 
      converterParameter='0.5'}" />
      <step pause="0">ActionScript.SetProperty.Float("Palette.MasterOverlap",0.5)</step>


This macro sets the property Palette.MasterOverlap to 50%. To do so manually you'd press <Palette> [Master Overlap = ] and enter a value.

How to use it

make this macro available

It might be useful for busking to put some of the related macros, e.g. Overlap 100%/50%/0% on adjacent handles. Due to active binding they show which value overlap is currently set to.

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