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Line 23: Line 23:
 <code xml> <code xml>
 <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​ <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​
-<​avolites.macros ​xmlns:​xsi="​http://​​2001/​XMLSchema-instance"​ xsi:​noNamespaceSchemaLocation="​Avolites.Menus.xsd"​+<​avolites.macros>​ 
- <​macro id="​Avolites.Macros.PaletteOverlap50">​+ 
 +  ​<macro id="​Avolites.Macros.PaletteOverlap50">​
     <​name>​Palette Overlap 50%</​name>​     <​name>​Palette Overlap 50%</​name>​
-    <​description>​Set master palettes ​fade to 50%.</​description>​ +    <​description>​Set master palettes ​overlap ​to 50%.</​description>​ 
-    <active binding="​{propertyLink id='​Palette.MasterOverlap'​ converter='​Math.EqualityConverter'​ converterParameter='​0.5'​}"​ />+    <active binding="​{propertyLink id='​Palette.MasterOverlap' ​ 
 +      ​converter='​Math.EqualityConverter' ​ 
 +      ​converterParameter='​0.5'​}"​ />
     <​sequence>​     <​sequence>​
       <step pause="​0">​ActionScript.SetProperty.Float("​Palette.MasterOverlap",​0.5)</​step>​       <step pause="​0">​ActionScript.SetProperty.Float("​Palette.MasterOverlap",​0.5)</​step>​
     </​sequence>​     </​sequence>​
   </​macro>​   </​macro>​
 +  ​
 </​avolites.macros>​ </​avolites.macros>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 38: Line 42:
 ===== Explanation ===== ===== Explanation =====
-This macro sets the property ''​Palette.MasterOverlap''​ to 0.5. To do so manually you'd press ''<​Palette>''​ ''​[Master Overlap = ]''​ and enter a value.+This macro sets the property ''​Palette.MasterOverlap''​ to 50%. To do so manually you'd press ''<​Palette>''​ ''​[Master Overlap = ]''​ and enter a value.
 ===== How to use it ===== ===== How to use it =====
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