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by: Alex del Bondio
published: January 2019
description: Changes programmer direction


This selection of macros lets you change the programmer direction to be used with fixture overlap. These macros have Active Binding set so they will highlight when the corresponding attribute is set.

The code below is a snippet of the whole file which contains macros for all available directions.


affected properties


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-->Directions: None, LeftToRight, TopDown, HorizontalBlinds, RightToLeft, BottomUp, VerticalBlinds, TopLeftIn, TopRightIn, RadialMiddle, BottomLeftIn, BottomRightIn, BottomMiddleUpRadial, EndsInLinear, Random<-->
	<macro id="" name="Direction LeftToRight">
	    	<active binding="{propertyLink id='Selection.Context.Global.Direction' converter='Math.EnumAsStringEqualityConverter' converterParameter='LeftToRight'}"/>
 		    <step>ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum("Selection.Context.Global.Direction", "LeftToRight")</step>
	<macro id="" name="Direction RightToLeft">
	    	<active binding="{propertyLink id='Selection.Context.Global.Direction' converter='Math.EnumAsStringEqualityConverter' converterParameter='RightToLeft'}"/>
 		    <step>ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum("Selection.Context.Global.Direction", "RightToLeft")</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

  • Selection.Context.Global.Direction is the property regarding the direction and needs to be set via ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum
  • active binding is used to highlight a macro when the corresponding property (propertyLink id) matches the converterParameter. A good starting point to understand active binding is either this wiki or this post in the Avo forum

How to use it

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