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Cuelist - Record Cuelist and insert a cue (Snippet)

by: Sebastian Beutel, February 2019
published: here
description: Snippet to record a cuelist and insert the cue
remarks: of course fixtures need to be selected, values set etc. - this is only the record cuelist part


affected properties


<!-- select fixtures, set values etc. ... -->
<step>Playbacks.CueList.CreateCueList("Playbacks", 0)</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

  • Playbacks.CueList.CreateCueList(..) creates the cuelist at a specific location
  • Playbacks.Select.EditHandle(..) selects the just created cuelist to be edited - know that this sets the property Playbacks.PlaybackEdit.Handle which is required in the next step
  • Playbacks.AppendOrInsertPlaybackStep() appends/insert (the current programmer contents) as step into the cuelist
  • Playbacks.PlaybackEdit.Exit() exits the RecordCuelist state

How to use it

This is a snippet and cannot be used on its own. However, you may use this in your macros where needed

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