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Line 20: Line 20:
 <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​ <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​
 <​avolites.macros>​ <​avolites.macros>​
-  ​<macro id="​UserMacro.MobileWingLegend">​ + 
-    <​name>​Set Mobile Wing Page Legend</​name>​+  ​<macro id="​UserMacro.MobileWingPBLegend">​ 
 +    <​name>​Set Mobile Wing Playback ​Page Legend</​name>​
     <​sequence>​     <​sequence>​
       <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.Stack.PushOrReloadMenu("​Primary",​ "​Expert.Root.Program"​)</​step>​       <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.Stack.PushOrReloadMenu("​Primary",​ "​Expert.Root.Program"​)</​step>​
Line 29: Line 30:
     </​sequence>​     </​sequence>​
   </​macro>​   </​macro>​
 +  ​
 +  <macro id="​UserMacro.MobileWingExecLegend">​
 +    <​name>​Set Mobile Wing Executor Page Legend</​name>​
 +    <​sequence>​
 +      <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.Stack.PushOrReloadMenu("​Primary",​ "​Expert.Root.Program"​)</​step>​
 +      <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.InjectInput("​OnSelect","​Softkey","​NoGroup",​2)</​step>​
 +      <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.InjectInput("​OnButtonDown","​MobileWingAPageSelect.0","​MobileWingAExecutor",​0)</​step>​
 +      <step pause="​0.001">​Menu.InjectInput("​OnButtonUp","​MobileWingAPageSelect.0","​MobileWingAExecutor",​0)</​step>​
 +    </​sequence>​
 +  </​macro>​
 +  ​
 </​avolites.macros>​ </​avolites.macros>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 41: Line 53:
   * <Go Page> (on Titan Mobile Fader Wing   * <Go Page> (on Titan Mobile Fader Wing
-It can be used to set the page legends even without the wing connected. Works even in the siumaltor ​and Titan One in order to set the legends :-).+It can be used to set the page legends even without the wing connected. Works even in the simulator ​and Titan One in order to set the legends :-)
 +Update March 2020: renamed macro to indicate that it affects the Playback (Fader) page, and added another macro to set the Executor page legend.
 ===== How to use it ===== ===== How to use it =====
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