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Legend - Set a Page Legend

by: Sebastian Beutel, August 2018
description: Set page names, e.g. for playback or fixture pages
remarks: Unlike with other handles, this is called a name, not a legend - and requires other functions.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<avolites.macros xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Avolites.Menus.xsd">
  <macro id="sb.Macros.setPBPageName" name="Set PB Page Name">
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Playbacks", 0)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Playbacks", "PbPg. 1")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Playbacks", 1)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Playbacks", "PbPg. 2")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Playbacks", 2)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Playbacks", "PbPg. 3")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Playbacks", 3)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Playbacks", "PbPg. 4")</step>
  <macro id="sb.Macros.setFixPageName" name="Set Fixture Page Name">
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Fixtures", 0)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Fixtures", "Generics")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Fixtures", 1)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Fixtures", "Spots")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Fixtures", 2)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Fixtures", "Washes")</step>
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPage("Fixtures", 3)</step>	
      <step>Handles.SetGroupPageName("Fixtures", "LED Wall")</step>

When using characters outside the ASCII character table as name the results may vary:

  1. in order to get an ampersand ( the & character) you must write it as entity (&amp;): Handles.SetGroupPageName(“Colours”, “Greens &amp; Blues”)
  2. german Umlauts (ä, ö, ü, ß and the like) work normally (entities would throw errors): Handles.SetGroupPageName(“Colours”, “Grün”)
  3. you can even display UTF-16 characters by using the HTML code notation, e.g. for the Yuan character 元: Handles.SetGroupPageName(“Playbacks”, “&#20803;”)


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

Each page legend is set with two steps:

  • Handles.SetGroupPage selects the page the name of which is going to be set
  • Handles.SetGroupPageName sets the page name

How to use it

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