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Playback - Set fade mode

by: Kimwida, Gregory Haynes, Apr. 2017
description: change a particular playback's fade mode
remarks: This is not a working macro. However, the discussion gives some good examples and insights.


affected properties

Original Discussion

Post by Gregory » 29 Apr 2017, 21:24

The first and third steps do not look right or are unnecessary:
Handles.SourceHandle is the item selected in operations such as 
Delete and Set Legend, you are setting this in the first step.
Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback is playback in use by the 
Edit Times menu, you are setting this in the third step 
even though it won't have changed.


  <step pause="0">ActionScript.SetProperty("Handles.SourceHandle", Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback)</step>
  <step pause="0">ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum("Playbacks.Editor.Times.CueMode", "Mode1")</step>
  <step pause="0">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback", Handles.SourceHandle)</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

It is believed that the 1st and third step are unnecessary, see Gregory's porst above. It looks like these steps are copied from exampes like Chase - Double speed where it is required to store and restore the selected playback - which is not the case here.

ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum(“Playbacks.Editor.Times.CueMode”, “Mode1”) simply sets the fader mode of the playback which is currently in the editor to Mode1.

How to use it

Put this snippet into a proper macro file and make this macro available.
With a cue programmed, now you can , instead of going to Edit Times, or Playback View/Options, or Playback Options/Playback, simply fire this macro to set the cue to Fader Mode 1 == Timed Fade In & Out.

Tested in 10.1 - seems to work as intended [S. Beutel]

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