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Masters - BPM - Tap

by: Sebastian Beutel
published: January 2019
description: taps BPM masters, to be used in triggers

These macros seem to be very redundant but are useful to create triggers for tapping a BPM master: currently (Titan 11.1/11.2) masters cannot be triggered, but coded macros can. Trigger the macro which taps the BPM master – done 8-)

The Titan IDs used in this example have changed in Titan v11 (and were different in v10), see titanId



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- January 2019, Sebastian Beutel -->
<!-- useful to trigger the tap for BPM Masters -->
  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.TapBPM1" name="Tap BPM 1">
      <step>Masters.TapTempo(1612, Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</step>
  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.TapBPM2" name="Tap BPM 2">
      <step>Masters.TapTempo(1616, Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</step>
  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.TapBPM3" name="Tap BPM 3">
      <step>Masters.TapTempo(1620, Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</step>
  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.TapBPM4" name="Tap BPM 4">
      <step>Masters.TapTempo(1624, Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

The four macros are distinct only by their name, id, and the titanId of the respective BPM master.

Each macros simply taps its designated BPM master. However, while neither masters nor recorded macros can be triggered (MIDI, sACN etc.), coded macros can. This way you can trigger a master remotely.

How to use it

  • create a BPM master and assign it as speed source where needed
  • copy/move the macro you need into any workspace window
  • create a trigger for this macro (only hardware triggers are available)
  • fire the trigger in order to tap the master
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