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Timecode - Set Start Time

by: Alex del Bondio (as usual with a little help, November 2019)
published: here
description: Set the start time for the internal timecode or Winamp

The idea is to use this macro to set the start time for the Winamp timecode and by doing so selecting tracks in Winamp without patching Winamp as a fixture. Here is an example for timecode 4 (I usually have TC 4 set to Winamp…) There is a thread in the forum for those interested

There are similar functions and properties in the namespaces Timecode.TimecodeOne, Timecode.TimecodeTwo, Timecode.TimecodeThree and Timecode.TimecodeFour. Use the functions for the particular timecode you want to use.



control structure

The longer file with macros for all four timecodes is available here: timecode_setstarttime_full.xml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <!-- History & Knowledge base-->
  <!-- 09/11/2019 created : Alex del Bondio -->
  <macro id="adb.Macros.SetTimecodeFourto11" name="Set Timecode 4 to 11">
    <description>Sets Timecode 4 to a specific value.</description>
    	<step>Timecode.TimecodeFour.SetStartTime(Timecode.MakeTimecodeTime(11, 00, 00, 00, false, 100))</step>
	<step condition="Math.IsEqual(Timecode.TimecodeFour.IsControlAllowed, true)">Timecode.TimecodeFour.Reset()</step>


This explains the functional steps within the sequence. For all the other XML details please refer to Formats and syntax

A specific timecode is set to a specific value. Effectively this only works for the internal timecode and Winamp and for Winamp this also works as a tool to jump to a specific song in the playlist.

  • Timecode.TimecodeFour.SetStartTime is used to set the actual start time of the timecode
  • Timecode.MakeTimecodeTime is used to convert a time of the format 01:00:00:00 into a format Titan can use. This function can be put directly in as parameter for SetStartTime
  • Timecode.TimecodeFour.Reset is needed to finally update the start time

How to use it

See Deploying macros.

What I like to do: use it in my set list for preprogramming. When you program with timecode changing the playlist in Winamp is a bit of a pain. Instead I add track macros in the setlist making Winamp skip to the desired track.

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