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Void Group.SetGroupFaderLevel(String group, Int32 index, LevelAdjust value, Single accuracy)
description Sets intensity of fixtures in the group based on fader level
namespace Group
parameter group ( String ) : The handle group
index ( Int32 ) : The index in the group
value ( Leveladjust ) : The value to set the levels to.
accuracy ( Single ) : The accuracy
return value Void
Example in

Masters - Group Masters:

  <step>Group.SetGroupFaderLevel("Presets", 0, level:0.5, Global.PageSwitchAccuracy)</step
Also used in

There exists an extensive explanation by Gregory Haynes:

Probably the most confusing thing with this method is the multiple meanings of the word group. In the console each set of faders or buttons is referred to as a handle group notable ones being “Playbacks” and “Preset”. The first two parameters here are referencing the group of fixtures based on its location i.e. which handle group it is in and what index (to the fader or button). Note that in such functions the index is zero-based so the first fader would be 0, second fader would be 1 and so on.

The third parameter is type LevelAdjust. This is an instruction of how to change the value, there are three main settings for this:
* Delta: The new value should be added to the current value of the item you are changing.
* LevelMatch: The new value should replace the old value providing the level has been matched (like with faders after changing pages).
* Absolute: The new value should be set regardless of the old value.

By default the software will treat an float as an absolute value, this should be expressed as a value between 0 and 1. You can also as of v10.1 use the cast parameters to force the value to be treated as an absolute level (e.g. “level:0.5”) or a delta (e.g. “levelDelta:-0.1”). There are also three functions in Math that can allow you to create these which are: DeltaAdjust, LevelMatchAdjust and AbsoluteAdjust.

The fourth parameter is an accuracy value used when level matching, the default value for this is in the property Global.PageSwitchAccuracy. This is normally zero apart from on the Sapphire Touch on which it is 0.004.
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