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Void Handles.ConfirmDelete()
description Confirms the and actions delete operation, no questions asked
Namespaces Handles
parameter no parameters - the handle referenced as sourceHandle will be deleted
return value (Void)

In order to delete workspaces the property Handles.AllowEditWorkspaces needs to be set, see the gixen examples.

Example in

Create Workspaces:

<step pause="0.001">ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Handles.AllowEditWorkspaces", true)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Handles.SetSourceHandleFromHandle("workspaceHandleUN=1")</step>
<step pause="0.001">Handles.ConfirmDelete()</step>
<step pause="0.001">ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Handles.AllowEditWorkspaces", false)</step>

Here the necessary steps are listed:

  • workspace handles are made editable
  • a particular workspace is selectedas source handle
  • this very workspace is deleted
  • workspace handles are edit-locked again
Also used in
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