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 <code xml> <code xml>
-  <​step>​Handles.SetSourceHandle("​Playbacks", 0)</​step>​ +  <​step>​Handles.SetSourceHandle("​PlaybackWindow", 0)</​step>​ 
-  <​step>​Handles.SetLockState(TransparentLocked)</​step>​+  <​step>​ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum("​Handles.SourceHandle.LockState",​ "​FullyLocked"​)</​step>​ 
 +  <​step>​Handles.SetLockState(Handles.SourceHandle.LockState)</​step>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Puts a transparent ​lock on handle #1 of the current playbacks page.+Puts a lock on handle #1 of the current playbacks page
 +Please note that the function expects an enum passed. See [[macros:​example:​setplaybacklockstate|]] for examples how to do this.
 == Also used in == == Also used in ==
 {{backlinks>​.}} {{backlinks>​.}}
-== Remarks == 
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