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Void Masters.DoubleOrHalfSpeedMultiplier(Handle handle, Boolean doubling)
description Doubles or halves the bpm master's speed multiplier.
namespace Masters
parameter handle ( Handle ) : The master handle. See below for fixed IDs.
doubling ( Boolean ) : True if we are doubling the value, false if we are halving.
return value Void

This is based on the fixed Titan IDs which we found exactly for these macros:

  • BPM Master 1 ⇒ ID 1607
  • BPM Master 2 ⇒ ID 1611
  • BPM Master 3 ⇒ ID 1615
  • BPM Master 4 ⇒ ID 1619
Example in

Masters - BPM Master (snippet):

  <macro id="Avolites.Macros.BPM1half" name="adb_BPM1 /2">
Also used in
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