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Boolean Math.IsEqual(Object x, Object y)
description Returns whether the two values are equal or not.
namespace Math
parameter x ( Object ) : The value to compare with y.
y ( Object ) : The value to compare with x.
return value Boolean True is equal and false otherwise.
Example in

Chase - Double speed:

  <step condition="Math.IsEqual(Playbacks.Editor.Times.ChaseSpeed, 0.0)">...</step>

This step is only executed if the property Playbacks.Editor.Times.ChaseSpeed equals 0.0

Also used in

As of version 10, it is possible to write conditions in a more modern way, which integrates such functions and logic operations as control structures:

    if(Playbacks.Editor.Times.ChaseSpeed == 0.0) {
       ActionScript.SetProperty.Float("Playbacks.Editor.Times.ChaseSpeed", 1.0);
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