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Void Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.OnOffAttributeSelected(MenuItem item, Boolean on)
description Called when an attribute is selected to be turned on/off in the menu.
namespace Programmer.Editor.Fixtures
parameter item ( menuitem ) : The selected menuitem.
on ( Boolean ) : True to turn the attribute on, false to turn it off.
return value Void

This is more a non-functioning callback, see the example below. Instead work with Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.SetControlOff.

Example in

Off/On Attribute (snippets):

Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.OnOffAttributeSelected(MenuItem item, Boolean on)
MenuItem refers to one of the softkey menu options, specifically in this case it is one of the attribute softkeys shown when you press the Off button. When you press the softkey in the menu it calls this function passing in a reference to itself, from this it determines which attribute was selected. This is not something that it practical to use in your own macros, instead you should consider the SetControlOff* function.
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