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Void Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.SetControlValueById
  Int32 controlId, Int32 functionId, Single value, Boolean programmer, Boolean createRestorePoint
description Sets the attribute current value of all currently selected fixtures.
namespace Programmer.Editor.Fixtures
parameter controlId ( Int32 ) : id of the attribute to set, see FixtureControlId
functionId ( Int32 ) : id of the attribute function to set
value ( Single ) : the value to set the attribute to
programmer ( Boolean ) : if set to true puts the attribute into the programmer.
createRestorePoint ( Boolean ) : should a restore point be created
return value Void

tbd. elaborate on control ID and function ID

for the moment:

Example in

This is an untested example.

  <step>Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.SetControlValueById(16, 1, 0.5, true, true)</step>

This should set the currently selected fixtures to 50% dimmer level, put this in the programmer and create a restore point:

  • 16 refers to 0x10 which is the hex FixtureControlId of the attribute ID for the dimmer
  • 1 is the - assumed - function ID for the attribute function 'Dimmer'
  • 0.5 is 50%
  • true (the first) puts this into the programmer
  • true (the second) creates a restore point
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