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 +====== MenuEventTypes ======
 +This identifier of type [[macros:​type:​enum|]] determines upon which event something is about to happen. See http://​​11.0/​Avolites.Menus.MenuEventTypes.html:​
 +^Member Value ^Description|
 +|OnButtonDown |Fires when a button is pressed|
 +|OnButtonUp |Fires when a button is released|
 +|OnSelect |Fires when a button or menu item has been selected (button down followed by button up)|
 +|OnAlternateSelect |Fires when a button or menu item has been selected in an alternate way Eg Right click, a modifier key is held or a long press on a touch screen|
 +|OnRangeSelect |Fires when the user completes a range selection|
 +|OnPreviewRangeSelect |Fires when the user is creating a range selection. Fires for the complete range every time the range changes whilst it is beind dragged out|
 +|OnDescendInto |Fires when we enter a menu by pushing it onto the stack Doesn'​t fire when the menu is refreshed or when entering a menu by returning up the menu stack.|
 +|OnEnter |Fires when we enter a menu from a different menu (ie doesn'​t fire on refresh)|
 +|OnLoad |Fires every time we enter a menu|
 +|OnLoaded |Fired when a menu completes loading.|
 +|OnExit |Fires when we leave a menu either by pushing a further menu in front or popping this menu off|
 +|OnAccendOut |Fires when we leave a menu by popping it off the stack. This will always be called, in sequence whenever we exit up through a menu but not when decending from the menu NB: Will also be called if a menu is replaced.|
 +|OnEnterView |Fires when a item page enters view (ie becomes the current page)|
 +|OnLeaveView |Fires when an item page leaves view|
 +|OnValueChanged |Fires when the value of a panel item changes eg a fader move|
 +|OnValueInitialise |Fires when the value of a panel item is initialised. This happens when the panel first connects and we need to synchronise the level with the actual hardware position.|
 +|OnCaught |Fires when a menu exception is caught|
 +|OnStepNext |Fires when a wheel steps forward|
 +|OnStepPrevious |Fires when a wheel steps back|
 +|OnPropertyChanged |Fires when an ActionScript Property changes value|
 +|User |Events registered and fired via the Actionscript interface|
 +== E.g. used in ==
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