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 <​step>​Masters.TapTempo(1607,​ Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</​step>​ <​step>​Masters.TapTempo(1607,​ Math.GetCurrentTimeStamp())</​step>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Further explanation from http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=20&​t=5731#​p20666:​
 +>For a given show file the IDs will remain the same once they are allocated. The IDs may have seemed fixed however this was only because they are usually about the first things to be allocated so might often end up with the same numbers (1600 is the start of the non-fixed IDs). There was an intention when rate and BPM masters were added that at some point we would likely want to allow for any number of masters to be created so for this reason the software was written to allocate them dynamically. These masters were added several versions before WebAPI and macro documation was released so this wasn’t a consideration at the time. Perhaps a way can be added which can allow you to reference masters properly and reliably in macros in future versions.
 +>When importing, unless you are mapping to something that already exists in the current show, new Titan IDs will be allocated; this prevents IDs from clashing.
 == Also used in == == Also used in ==
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