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 ====== Identifiers ====== ====== Identifiers ======
-One of the most common - implicit - tasks is to identify handles: ​you need to tell Titan with which handle it is to perform an actione.g. which handle ​to copy, which cue to jump to, which cuelist to advance, which chaser to stopDepending from your needs this can be done in a few ways:+This is a very special section: '​identifiers'​ tries to list and explain all the values ​you need to identify a certain item or state. As such, '​identifiers'​ are not part of pure programming logic or documentation. In fact in most parts this is just convention and system design: how to identify a certain button/​playback/​palettehow to tell which state a certain item to set to, etc.
-  * by user numbersince all items get their unique user number, you can use this as identifier. Identifying is then: give the scope, give the user number. Like: fixture #3, palette #7, macro #28. +Identifiers may be of various data typesthere may be very complex onese.g. [[macros:identifier:handle]], and there are others which are simply a string or even a number which you only need to know and set as argument ​for specific ​function or variable.
-  * by titan ID: every single item within Titan has its unique id which can be used as identifier. This is goodas this is just one number, nothing moreBut the problem is: most user numbers are assigned by ransom, and will be different in each showfileThere are only few exceptions from this: the masters which you can assign have reserved titan IDs, see [[macros:types:​object:handle:titanid]]. Another exception is if you do not need to explicitely ​know this ID, but simply want to pass it as argument: find a function ​which gets this ID and use this function as argument. +
-  * by location: this is like saying 'the 3rd button in the Playbacks window' ​or '​Playbacks Page 3 Fader 4'. For this it is important to know the exact syntax, as well as the available handle groups. E.g. the handle ''"​Location=Playbacks,​2,​1"''​ translates to '​Playbacks,​ page 2, 1st playback'​ - this is the '​real'​ fader playbacks (see [[macros:​example:​cuelistgoback|]]).+
-Here are some examples and values for the most common items:+Identifiers listed here: 
 +<nspages macros:​identifier -h1 -simpleList -textPages="">​ 
-<nspages macros:​identifiers -h1 -simpleList -textPages="">​ 
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