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Macro Folders

As stated elsewhere, macros are xml files. However, in order for Titan to find and read these files, they must reside in designated locations which might differ depending from your installation. Also, this is different on real consoles and with Titan PC suite (Titan One, Titan Mobile, Titan Simulator):

  • Factory macros - the macros created by Avolites. Please don't change these files - but it's a good idea to learn from it. Please be aware that factory macro files might be updated with software updates and personality updates - use your user macros for own macros as these won't be overwritten.
    • PC suite: C:\Program Files\Avolites\Titan\Macros resp. C:\Program Files (x86)\Avolites\Titan\Macros (32bit vs. 64bit Windows - you may use the system constant %programfiles% which always translates to the correct programs folder)
    • Consoles: D:\TitanData\… - this folder is part of a folder structure which is hidden by default, and for good reason. You simply shouldn't mess with these files - go get the files from the PC suite.
  • User macros - this is the place for your own, generated, macro files. Files in this location will not be overwritten with any update. Also, if you want to copy your preferred macros across your computers/consoles, just keep these usermacro folders in sync.
    • PC suite: My Documents\Titan\Macros. As absolute path this may translate to something like C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Titan\Macros. The windows shorthand is %userprofile%\documents\Titan\Macros
    • Consoles: D:\Macros
  • User macro folders have been introduced in Titan 10.0. You need to use the Factory macros folder when running an older version.

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