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 +Titan Property
 +====== Playbacks.PlaybackEdit.Handle ======
 +^ API | http://​​11.0/​Playbacks.PlaybackEdit.Handle.html |
 +^ description | Gets or sets the handle of the chase/​cuelist currently being edited. This handle will be set when you enter the chase/​cuelist edit menu. You may only edit one chase/​cuelist at a time. This handle is used to indicate what chase/​cuelist to perform edit actions on. The handle is set to null when no handle is being edited. |
 +^ [[:​macros:​namespace]] | [[:​macros:​namespace:​Playbacks.PlaybackEdit]] |
 +^ type | [[macros:​identifier:​handle|]] |
 +While the API gives the example to set this property with ActionScript.SetProperty(...) there is a designated function to set this, see [[macros:​function:​|]]
 +== example ==
 +<code xml>
 +Here, ''​Playbacks.PlaybackEdit.Handle''​ is used to refer to the handle which has previously been specified with ''​Playbacks.Select.EditHandle(...)''​.
 +== used in ==
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