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Personality Folders

All the personalities live in their special folders which is different for consoles and for the Titan PC Suite (Simulator, Titan Mobile, Titan One). Also, there are special folders for user personalities. The factory personalities are always overwritten when updating the personality library - the user personalities aren't. As an additional measure, the factory library on consoles is by default flagged hidden and system.

  • Factory personalities - the Avolites fixture library. Please don't change these files - but it's a good idea to learn from it. Please be aware that factory personalities will be overwritten with library updates - use your user personalities for your own fixtures instead as these won't be overwritten.
    • PC suite: C:\Program Files\Avolites\Titan\FixtureLibrary resp. C:\Program Files (x86)\Avolites\Titan\FixtureLibrary (32bit vs. 64bit Windows - you may use the system constant %programfiles% which always translates to the correct programs folder)
    • Consoles: D:\TitanData\… - this folder is part of a folder structure which is hidden by default, and for good reason. You simply shouldn't mess with these files - go get the files from the PC suite.
  • User personalities - this is the place for your own, generated, personalities. Files in this location will not be overwritten with any update. Also, if you want to copy your preferred fixtures across your computers/consoles, just keep these user folders in sync.
    • PC suite: My Documents\Titan\Personalities. As absolute path this may translate to something like C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Titan\Personalities. The windows shorthand is %userprofile%\documents\Titan\Personalities
    • Consoles: D:\Personalities

Personalities for the integrated Capture visualiser come with the Avolites Fixture Library. They live in the subfolder Capture or the a.m. factory personality folder.

If you are still using the old visualiser then you need to copy the required files into C:\Program Files\Avolites\Visualiser\Personalities (R20 files) and C:\Program Files\Avolites\Visualiser\Extensions (vis files). There is no such mechanism to keep your private files from being overwritten for these folders - hence, keep a copy in a cool and dry place, and restore it from there after updating the library.

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