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Shapefile Structure

All this is true for the shapefile shape.xml used in the current Titan software. While the shape generator stems originally from Classic software and was available long before Titan was even started, the control file SG.DAT does look familiar - patterns are defined, and shapes are created from patterns. However, file format and values are very much different.

The shapefile (for its location see Shapes -- Introduction) is a very basic xml file. Essentially it looks like this (the file shown is abbreviated and not operational in Titan):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <History Date="05-11-2017" Author="Sebastian Beutel" Comments="Created simplified version for wiki as example."/>
  <Pattern ID="Sine">
    <Function ID="1" Value="0"/>
    <Function ID="17" Value="1000"/>
    <Function ID="33" Value="0"/>
    <Function ID="34" Value="-98"/>
    <Function ID="64" Value="-98"/>
  <Pattern ID="Cosine">
  <Shape ID="1" Name="Circle" Group="P">
    <Function ChannelID="Pan" PatternID="Sine" Amplitude="200" Phase="270" Speed="15"/>
    <Function ChannelID="Tilt" PatternID="Sine" Amplitude="200" Phase="0" Speed="15"/>
  <Shape ID="2" Name="Spiral" Group="P">
    <Function ChannelID="Pan" PatternID="Spiral" Amplitude="200" Phase="0" Speed="3"/>
    <Function ChannelID="Tilt" PatternID="Spiral" Amplitude="200" Phase="11" Speed="3"/>
  <Shape ID="159" Name="Saturation Saw" Group="C">
    <Function ChannelID="Saturation" PatternID="Saw" Amplitude="1000" Phase="0" Speed="29"/>

The general structure of an XML file is explained in more detail in the macros section.

  • there is the XML declaration <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
  • there is the root element <ShapeFile> which encloses the entire contents and is finally closed with </ShapeFile>
  • there is a number of History entries which simply show the development of this file: <History Date=“05-11-2017” Author=“Sebastian Beutel” Comments=“Created simplified version for wiki as example.”/>
  • there is a number of <Pattern …> elements which define the modulation curve, see Pattern Definitions
  • there is a number of <Shape …> elements which define the shapes available in Titan, see Shape Definitions
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