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Currently to do

This is just a scratchpad of what to do next in this wiki - feel free to register and contribute.

Missing articles

To Do

complete articles

see above


See below for the planned structure of types, object types, identifiers


  • Elaborate on identifiers.
  • Examples
  • Groups


not yet possible

all the tbd's


debugging macros

sACN triggers

  • trigger a master (e.g. speed) in order to fade it over time
  • trigger macros on single cues
  • invert something (but why…)
  • virtual Capture multipatch
  • size master?


  • Structure/sections
  • example reset: - release playbacks groups and masters for a range of consoles


Forum done until 01.03.19

(Gregory, 27.08.2018)
Unfortunately no I don’t think there is any way to tell for sure. However generally older parts of the software such as Handles and Palettes will require function calls whereas newer or rewritten code such as Edit Times, Playback Options, Timecode and Capture settings will normally respond directly to the property changes. This is mainly because the latter was not always possible and we don’t generally rewrite working code unless there is a need to as this runs the risk of introducing bugs.

is there a way to tell whether setting a property is enough (like in ActionScript.SetProperty(“Playbacks.Editor.Times.PlaybackReleaseTime”, time:0) ) or both must be done (property set AND function applied, like with lockState)?

Titan Tricks

AI knowledge base

  • d4mance/BC 2014
  • d4mance/BC 2016
  • patches from forum
  • pictures on welcome pages/section headers
  • how to make use of a patch on the performance page, and how to set its thumbnail
  • Pip and Multi Screen projects
  • Multiviewer (TH):
    • RenderToTexture
    • Sample Texture Region
    • Clear
    • Render Merge
    • output/Window (off/on by Artnet)
  • clock/countdown (SB/Arran)

Ai tricks and pitfalls

  • renumbering fixtures
  • no audio files on the performance page!
  • how to enable tap tempo (tap widget, system settings, Beat settings per tile)
  • antialiasing (double resolution, see movingscreens/email)
  • what is saved where
  • how to save and use clip collections
  • how to create a project thumbnail
  • wrong codec may even disturb playmodes
  • MPEG Streamclip for transcoding
  • MIDI trigger on the performance page requires MIDI notes - ControlChange doesn't work here

Is there a wiki plugin to show a number of random pages from the namespace, e.g. in Ai/Examples?

Types/Identifiers Hierarchy

identifiers (essentially this is the most common ways to idetify particular items)
  Clear mask: Intensity=1, Positions=2, Colours=4, Gobos=8, Beam=16, 
    Effect = 32, Special = 64, FX = 128, Time = 256  also see AcwRecordMask?!?


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