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 +Titan Tricks
 +====== Skip the Personality Library Check ======
 +Sebastian Beutel, April 2020
 +Each time Titan starts the Titan Health Check is executed. One of the tests it performs is the check how old the personality library on this machine is. If it's older than 6 months then Titan Health Check prompts you to update the personality library.
 +While this makes perfect sense for machines and consoles constantly used in varying scenarios, on tour or in rental houses, this can be a showstopper in fixed installations where the machine is started automatically,​ in particular if the setup never changes and if there is no reason to update the personalities.
 +In order to skip this check, a simple trick is to tell Titan that the library is not expired, by setting the date of the last library update to some day in the future. In order to do this, simply change this registry value:
 +  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Avolites\Titan\Libraries]
 +  "​VersionDateTime"​="​2030-01-01 00:​00:​00"​
 +(here, the random date in the future is the 01.01.2030)
 +If you are not familiar with changing the registry then you can download the following file, double-click it and confirm the prompt that you want to change the registry: {{ :​tricks:​personalitydate.reg |}}
 +Of course you can update your personality library even if the date is set to some day in the future.
 +<fs x-large>​**Please use this trick only if you accept that you will not be warned about an outdated library anymore. The library is not only the fixtures but may contain updated macros, shapes, capture files and more. Hence, it is strongly recommended to always keep your library reasonably up-to-date.**</​fs>​
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