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Web API Parameter


“Level” is a numeric value denoting the level a given thing (e.g. playback) is to be set to, fired at, or whatsoever.

  • The level can be absolute ('set playback x to y%') or relative ('lower playback x by y%').
  • If used absolute the value itself needs to be in the range 0 ~ 1. If used relative the value needs to be in the range -1 ~ 1
  • decimal places are allowed using a .


  • absolute level 100%: level_level=1
  • absolute level 45%: level_level=0.45 or level_level=.45
  • absolute level 0%: level_level=0
  • relative: increase level by 20% (i.e. from 35% to 55%): level_levelDelta=0.2 or level_levelDelta=.2
  • relative: decrease level by 55% (i.e. from 90% to 35%): level_levelDelta=-0.55 or level_levelDelta=-.55


If the parsing method is given incorrectly or not given at all then Titan guesses the numeric value to be the absolute level:

level=0.4 or level_dummy=0.4 both are treated as absolute level 40%.

However leveldelta (small letter d!) is treated a different parsing:

throws this error
“Error: Das Objekt mit dem Typ \”System.Boolean\“ kann nicht in den Typ \”Avolites.Menus.Maths.LevelAdjust\“ konvertiert werden.” (cannot convert System.Boolean to LevelAdjust)

level_level= results in “Error: Die Eingabezeichenfolge hat das falsche Format.” (wrong format)

Reason: the value is missing

level_level results in “Error: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.” (no object instantiated)

Reason: the equal sign = (and the value) are missing, thus the parameter isn't recognized at all

Used In

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